Lab-based technologies

Kephera is initially focused on developing assays using well-established, lab-based techniques, including enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and lateral flow immunoassay technologies. Our innovation is focused on identifying the optimal assay target and detection reagents for specific infectious diseases.

This work will support our CLIA lab services in the near term and form the scientific basis for our innovative point-of-care platform in development.

A new testing paradigm

Our MiCRIA™ Open POC platform addresses the global need for a rapid point-of-care test system using reagents that can be made anywhere, by anyone in a basic, standard laboratory. This represents a paradigm shift, making accurate, 2-minute point-of-care tests more universally accessible, even in under-resourced regions.

Key features of our MICRIA™ platform

  • Patent-pending system uses a generic cassette and assay-specific reagents rather than test-specific strips or cartridges common to other test formats.
  • The assay is microfluidic, not membrane-based.
  • The test-specific reagent is produced from an antibody, antigen or other ligand and can be scaled up quickly, with standard lab equipment.
  • The assay uses a compact, low-cost reader operated by a smartphone or other mobile device to manage testing and to display and interpret results.

Quick and simple test procedure

Demonstrated performance

Kephera’s MiCRIA™ Open POC platform has demonstrated sensitivity superior to lateral flow rapid tests and approaching that of ELISA.