We are not currently accepting orders directly from patients. Please download/print a test requisition form and contact your licensed healthcare provider (MD, DO, NP, PA, or ND with active NPI number) to order the test.

All states except that we are not currently accepting samples from CA, MD, NY, PA, RI.

Please refer to the Sample Collection Instructions

  • We do not accept hemolyzed, icteric and lipemic samples.
  • If the sample type is not acceptable for the test; for instance, we cannot accept whole blood or plasma samples for tests which are validated for testing serum only. Please refer to the table on the Testing Services page or the Test Requisition to see what type of sample is acceptable for which test.
  • If sample volume is below 0.5mL for serum/plasma or below 2mL for whole blood from venipuncture.
  • We cannot process samples without a test requisition and without the name and date of birth of the patient, indicated on the tube containing the sample.
  • If the sample is not packaged properly (tube leaked, information on the test requisition is not readable, shipping instructions are not followed, etc.)

If the price is not indicated on our Testing Services page, please contact us at 774-777-3558 or info@kephera.com.

We do. Please contact us at 774-777-3558 or info@kephera.com

Kephera Diagnostics
Attn: CLIA Laboratory
1 Grant St., Suite 300, Framingham, MA 01702-6767

Any carrier with next day delivery service.

We do not recommend sending samples around the holidays to avoid sample delivery delays or delays in testing.

When packaging for shipping, ensure shipping conditions maintain the required temperature:

  • Refrigerated serum or plasma samples can be shipped refrigerated (on ice packs).
  • Frozen serum or plasma samples can be shipped refrigerated (on ice packs) or on dry ice.
  • Whole blood can be shipped at ambient temperature.

We are aiming to provide the results as soon as possible, but our official turnaround time from the date of sample receipt is not more than 14 days.

Results can be delivered by phone, fax or HIPAA-secure email. The provider can select the preferred way and will provide the appropriate contact information.

Yes, we do.

We do not yet have a secure mechanism to provide patients with test results directly. Results will be sent to the provider, who will inform the patient.

Please email info@kephera.com

If you do not have an account with Kephera, pre-payment by credit card is required for all test orders. If you are paying online please record the transaction number on the test requisition form in the Comments section.

We process payment once we receive an order and ensure that samples are acceptable for testing. If payment is not included with the test requisition, we will attempt to contact the patient via phone and/or e-mail. Orders without payment information will be processed, however results will not be reported until payment information is received. Completed orders that being held due to a payment issue will be reported 1-2 business days once payment is completed.

We are not enrolled in any insurance networks at this time. Pre-payment is required for all orders.

We test samples for the presence of antibodies or other markers for some infectious agents. ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is designed to detect antibodies in human serum or plasma. This test method can detect past or current infection in a patient.

Only healthcare providers can interpret test results for a patient. Please consult your doctor for a more detailed interpretation.